Forth2020 is a team work

Objectives of the Forth2020 Group : bringing Forth into the new decade

Forth is one of the most efficient ways to program a microcomputer.

Learn about the latest forth proyects being developed in our monthly international encounters.

Forthers from all countries present their work, new generations learn in our classes.

Each encounter is a real technology party, Forth2020 FB page and international zoom meetings

allow our participants to meet in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Forth2020 is the decade of Forth

A new generation of applications: robotics, IOT, home automation, space & earth science, demand interactive Forth programming .

On FPGAs and Forth CPUs, Forth shines for its compact code, speed, and flexibility.

Masters and beginners are for first time together

Participate in our Zoom meetings, we follow the SUN, starting in Australia , Taiwan , Rusia,

we go through all Europe countries, Southafrica, Southamerica, and back to the north hemisphere to Canada and USA.

The west coast in California home of SVFIG is our final destination, founders and great masters of Forth honour our meetings and give the end talks.

If you are new to forth, and want to learn programming, please follow this link --> Beginners to Forth