International Zoom meetings of the Forth2020 FB GROUP

Join our Forth2020 FB Group, participate with us ! each 2nd Saturday of the month

Thanks to SVFIG member and FIGs chapters from all around the world we started

this new way of communication in times of quarentine.

Covering all the world, from Australia to California present now in 4 continents

Forthers are together for first time, showing what they realized with

forth code or forth hardware. No matter if you are a novice

or you are an experienced forther who worked on the enterprise with Capt. Kirk !

show the group what you did, and you will hear applauses, we do not discriminate.

We are a forth supporting group eager to detect new forth uses, or to make friends

with others who love so much this incredible programming language.

A special thanks to John Peters and Don Golding from SVFIG , for their passion

and constant support of our activities. And all the members of SVFIG in which we

have inspired our meetings.

To join the meetings get all the information in our FB page