eforth for ESP32

eforth for ESP32

1) You need to have pre-installed ARDUINO IDE

2) Install inside ARDUINO IDE , all support libraries for the Nodecmu board model , you have.

a beginner video how to set up all libraries for ESP32 development --> (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNtGHCrO7E4 )

There are basically 2 models of DO-IT one with 30 and the other 36 pins, the 30 pin DOIT is the recommended.


3)Download Version 7.05 of ESP32Forth <-- download

( Older version 7.03) Download ESP32Forth_v7 <-- download

(older version "classic" web version 6.3, from here )

4) Install /copy the folder ESP32forth ( or espforth-eforth63) inside your ARDUINO SKETCH folder.

5) On ARDUINO IDE open the file espforth.ino.

6) ONLY If you have version 6.3 of ESP32forth follow this instructions below **

version >7 does not need the step (6) continue to 7)

7) Now, you are ready to compile and download to your ESP32 !

8) Using a terminal on USB you will see ESP32forth welcome message

9) If you want to start a ESP32 WebUI

A terminal over the web can be activated. Contact at port printed or via mDNS http://forth/.

webui ( network-z password-z -- )

Usage: z" NETWORK-NAME" z" PASSWORD" webui

10) Start your browser and communicate to your ESP32 you will see this web-page.

Get the full manual of Dr. Ting ESP32 eforth 6 , here : download

To better understand eForth words, download the "eForth Overview" of Dr. Ting (take att. this is a x86 version, not all the words are the same!)

(if you look for more information on ESP32, here is a great list of links https://arduinoinfo.mywikis.net/wiki/Esp32 )

all our gratitude to Dr. Ting for the development of eForth, and Brad Nelson for the web-ide support, and mainteiner of this version

Version >7 new version of the WEB IDE

Version 6.3 "classical" WEB IDE

** To make this IDE work in the version 6.2 or 6.3 classic version...

Edit on line 46 47,etc the SSID with the information of your network( router name and password)

(and in case yo prefer to change the default IPAddress)

#46 const char* ssid = "SVFIG";//type your ssid

#47 const char* pass = "12345678";//type your password

// static ip address

IPAddress ip(192,168,1,201);

IPAddress gateway(192,168,1,1);